Waterproof Jacket


Waterproof Jacket

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Typhoon Lightweight Packable Jacket from Champion

Lightweight, waterproof, wind proof and breathable - making it the perfect travelling companion

Typhoon Packs Small - the Typhoon comes supplied in its own compacting pack-a-sack, so it can be stowed in a small space in a rucksack or large pocket. Making it the perfect lightweight rain protection standby for when the weather changes unexpectedly

Waterproof and Breathable
Using their own Aqua-Vent fabric technology Champion have produced a garment that is waterproof and breathable - keeping you dry and avoiding perspiration dampness issues - moisture evaporates through the fabric while larger rain droplets are prevented from penetrating 
Garment has taped seams to stop water leakage along stitched sections of fabric
Wind penetration is blocked to avoid the wind chill factor,
regulate your temperature - add a fleece underneath to stay warm on cold days

The jacket's hood folds away discretely into the collar to avoid being a nuisance when not being worn up against a rain shower