• Verm-X for Racing Pigeons - Liquid - 500ml


Verm-X for Racing Pigeons - Liquid - 500ml

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Intestinal challenges can be picked up through many sources  – from unclean stock lofts to infestation from other birds. When racing, it is important that pigeons are in good condition as not only is it vital that they race well but also as injury or stress can affect their immune system making the birds more likely to pick up a problem.Our Racing Pigeon formulation has been formulated to cater for the specialist requirements of a pigeon fancier. The formulations key work is to target intestinal challenges but along with this the formulation contains other herbs which are able to benefit the gut health, support the immune system and boost vitality.

Verm-X is ideal for Racing Pigeon owners who wish to explore the natural way of carrying out this important part of animal husbandry.

Verm-X for Racing Pigeons: Add 10ml of Verm-X for Racing Pigeons to every 2 litres of drinking water for 6 days each month as necessary.

Feed from 4 months of age at the full amount.

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