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  • HJ Lea Oakes Peckers Fruit & Nut Bird Seed 15kg

H J Lea Oakes

HJ Lea Oakes Peckers Fruit & Nut Bird Seed 15kg

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Just like humans, birds love their food fresh so replenish your feeders little and often. This will minimise the risk of bacteria building up, and stop feed from going stale.Always store your food in a cool dry place.

When ground feeding, make sure that your site is not too close to shrub borders or hedgerows, these are perfect places for predators to hide.

Different species have different feeding habits. To see the widest variety of species offer feeds in different areas and at different heights in your garden.Try to ensure clean fresh water is available.It is widely known that feeding birds in the winter can be more beneficial, however shortages can occur at any time of year. Birds require high energy feeds in the winter, and high protein feeds in the summer.Once a feeding routine has been developed, it is important that you try to maintain the supply, as birds will come to depend on this feed.

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