Biolink Egg Wash Powder F-High Foam 10kg


Biolink Egg Wash Powder F-High Foam 10kg

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This 10kg tub of antibacterial detergent powder is used for egg washing, and it is perfect for use with supawash 100 and 200 automatic egg washers, as well as all rotomaid models. To use, simply fill the washer bucket with water, add a scoop of powder and stir well. Along with the warmth of the water and the gentle agitation of the motorised base, this gentle detergent will soon have eggs looking crisp and clean. powder egg wash can also be used for handwashing, making this traditional chore easier and faster than ever before. Soak the eggs for three minutes in the wash solution, then remove them from the water and use a cloth to wipe off any dirt still remaining. You can repeat the process in the same water until it is too dirty to use.

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