Avitech Spectrum 5L


Avitech Spectrum 5L

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Spectrum helps give new chicks a good start, following handling, vaccination and transportation, along with reducing the effects of stress during vaccination, handling, following drug treatment and diet change when normal nutrient absorption can be disrupted.

Spectrum may also boost vitamin levels during periods of environmental stress e.g. when feed intake is depressed at high temperatures, and also aid in the preparation for the onset of lay, when birds are undergoing massive physiological change.

In addition feeding spectrum may ensure the maintenance of peak production during times of maximum nutrient demand, while helping maintain rapid growth, together with maximising genetic potential.

Instructions For Use 
Recommendations and Dosage:
Dilute 75ml into 200L clean water 
Suitable for use in day old five day old chicks 
3 days prior to vaccination
3-5 days during any dietary changes
At times of disease challenge, peak production and other stress factors
During periods of heat stress.

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